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About GFI Receptacles in Tampa

GFI Receptacles save lives and prevent electrical shock and electrocution. If you were using an applaince or a tool that was plugged into a Gfi receptacle and electricity started to flow on the tool or equipment the GFI would trip and stop electricity from flowing to a person or a faulty piece of rquipment or tool. 

In recent years, the National Electric Code has included requirements for special outlets where such accidents could happen: pools, garages, kitchens, bathrooms, near spas, and in other outdoor areas. These special outlets are called “GFIs” or “GFCIs” (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters). A GFI detects current as little as 5 miliamps in an appliance or a tooll  is no longer flowing in its proper circuit and trip within milliseconds. In the case of our faultty tool or applaince that was plugged into a GFI outlet, the electrocution would be avoided — a life saved.

GFIs look different from ordinary outlets. They have two buttons labeled “Test” and “Reset.” You can check that a GFI is working by pressing “Test.” It should shut off current to the outlet so that the outlet no longer provides power. After the test, you can restore current to the outlet by pressing “Reset.” GFI's have a limited lifespan so test your GFI's once a month. Click here for additional tips for GFIs.

Check that your kitchens, bathrooms, garage, and outdoor areas are equipped with working GFIs. (Refrigerators are incompatible with GFI outlets and should not be plugged into one.) If your home doesn’t have GFI outlets or they are no longer working, give our Tampa Electricians a call for a Free Estimate or ask for an Electrical Safety Inspection. GFIs are an inexpensive investment in your family’s safety.

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What is a GFI outlet used for?

GFI, or GFCI, stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. This device is used to protect from electric shocks from potentials faults in the electrical devices used.

Where should I install a GFI?

A GFI outlet should be placed in areas that require electricity but are also near moisture such as bathrooms or kitchens.

How does a GFCI outlet work?

A GFI compares the current being input to the current being output. If there is a difference in current this means there could be a leakage somewhere. The GFI then cuts off the power to the leaking device which reduces the chance of getting shocked.

What is a ground fault?

A ground fault occurs when the “hot” wire touches the ground wire of a junction box or appliance. Large amounts of energy are forced through the fuse or circuit breaker cause it to blow or trip.

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