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Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement by our Tampa Electricians in the Tampa Bay

Knob and tube wiring is one of the earliest systems used to bring electricity into homes and buildings. It was installed in homes from 1880 to 1935. The system involved wires being wrapped around ceramic knobs and run through ceramic tubes. You can look in your attic to see if you have any of these exposed knobs if you are unsure. You can also call us to have an electrician do a quick inspection to determine what kind of wiring your older home has.  

If you have knob and tube wiring, it is a good idea to have the home rewired to meet today’s electrical safety standards. It has been proven that the old-fashioned knob and tube system is unsafe. If you ever want to sell your home, you may discover banks will be unwilling to give a loan on a home that has this type of wiring. You may also discover you cannot get a homeowner’s insurance policy. Knob and tube wiring replacement the home will give you more electricity that will allow you to keep up with today’s electrical world. 


Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement FAQs

Is knob and tube wiring is safe? 

The knob and tube system can pose a fire hazard as well as a shock hazard. The systems are not grounded, which can result in electrical shock when using appliances that have malfunctioned. The lack of grounding will wear on your electronics and shorten the life of things like your refrigerator, computer and other sensitive electronics.  

Does knob and tube wiring pose insufficient power problems? When these systems were installed over 100 years ago, they did not have the entertainment systems and various electric gadgets that we do today. The systems were not built to handle today’s electrical demands. You may be blowing fuses and tripping breakers frequently. This increases the risk of a fire being sparked by an overloaded system. The more electricity flowing to the substandard system can result in the wires and connections overheating and sparking a fire.

Does knob and tube wiring pose an insulation hazard? 

Insulation placed over knob and tube wiring is dangerous. If the wires spark, the insulation will go up in flames. This is a common scenario in attics that had insulation added over the existing knob and tube wiring.  

How do I insure and sell a home with knob and tube wiring?  

As mentioned earlier, many banks will not give a loan to a buyer who wants to purchase your home that has knob and tube wiring. Insurance companies will typically not offer fire insurance to a home with knob and tube wiring. This can limit your chances of selling your home.  

What do I do if I have knob and tube wiring?  

Your best option is to call for an inspection and discuss the cost of a home rewire with our experienced electricians. You can call us to schedule your Electrical Inspection today.  

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