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Recessed Lighting Installations by our Tampa Electricians in Tampa Bay.

Why is Recessed Lighting a great choice and what types of Recessed Lighting are there?

Recessed lighting is perfect for anyone wanting sleek lighting that blends into a room with minimal visual interference. There are 4 common recessed lighting types, shower, wall wash, eyeball, and baffle. While baffle trim is the most commonly used, it doesn’t allow for movement. Whereas with eyeball trim you can focus the light where you need it. Wall wash trim comes with a shield over half of the light so you can even position the light on a specific feature in a room. Shower trim naturally goes in the shower as it has tempered glasses and is wet-rated.

What are the common Recessed Lighting sizes and styles?

Recessed lights most commonly installed are 3', 4' and 6" but other sizes are available. The Trim is the decorative covering that is flush to your ceiling and is installed within a metal recessed light housing. There are many finishes and styles to choose from that will complement the decor of any home. 

We can design and install recessed lighting for your home or business.

Team Electric can design and install recessed lighting that will transform any space. Recessed lighting takes up virtually no space, as it is almost completely flush to the ceiling. This type of lighting is perfect for when you want to brighten up any room, light up a closet or accent a wall or a piece of artwork. Our Tampa electricians can install recessed lighting that will work perfectly with any decor and light up any space.  

Recessed Lighting requires careful design and installation so give Team Electric a Call Today at 813-695-3737. 

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